Kenya Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Kenya flag
Color Palette
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100
Red#BB0000187, 0, 00, 100, 100, 27
Green#0066000, 102, 0100, 0, 100, 60
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The Kenyan flag is made of three horizontal stripes colored black at the top, red in the middle, and green at the bottom. The three stripes are separated by thinner white stripes. In the center of the flag, there is a Massai shield colored red, black, and white, with two crossed white spears appearing behind it.

Meaning of the Kenyan Flag

The red is the symbol of the struggle for freedom, and the bloodshed in the fight for independence. The white color represents unity and peace. The green represents the fertility of the land. The shield and the two spears represent the Maasai people, suggesting the traditional ways of life in Kenya, and honoring this ancient nomadic culture.

History of the Kenyan Flag

Throughout its history, Kenya’s different regions were occupied by different countries such as Portugal, Germany, Oman, and Britain. In 1895 Kenya became a protectorate of Britain, and then in 1906, it became a British colony. In the 1950s, the Mau Mau rebellion started and was mainly led by Kikuyu people who are the largest ethnicity in Kenya, in collaboration with other ethnicities. Later, the movement to free Kenya from British rule continued and was led by the Kenyan African National Union. The color of the union inspired the Kenyan flag. The red, green, and white were also the colors of the Pan-African struggle against occupation.  The Kenyan flag was officially adopted. It was hoisted when Kenya became independent in 1963.