Greenland Flag Colors & Meaning

Greenland flag
Color Palette
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#D00C33208, 12, 510, 94, 75, 18

The Greenland flag, known as Erfalasorput, meaning “our flag,” features a simple yet striking design with two horizontal bands of white (top) and red (bottom), bisected by a counterchanged disk slightly off-center towards the hoist. The white band symbolizes the vast ice cap that covers much of the island, representing the ice and snow that are characteristic of Greenland’s landscape. The red band reflects the ocean, underlining the importance of fishing and marine life to the island’s economy and culture. The counterchanged disk, half white and half red, is a representation of the sun setting into the ocean and the midnight sun, phenomena particularly distinctive at these high latitudes. This design, adopted on June 21, 1985, embodies the natural elements and phenomena of Greenland, encapsulating its unique environmental and cultural identity.