Cook Islands Flag Colors & Meaning

Cook Islands flag
Color Palette
Blue#0121691, 33, 10599, 69, 0, 59
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#C8102E200, 16, 460, 92, 77, 22

The flag of the Cook Islands features a striking design dominated by a rich blue field that represents the vast Pacific Ocean surrounding the islands. In the upper left corner is the Union Jack, symbolizing the Cook Islands’ historical and political ties with New Zealand. Embedded within the Union Jack is a ring of 15 white stars, each representing one of the Cook Islands, showcasing their unity and equal status. The choice of blue not only reflects the ocean but also stands for freedom and the islanders’ deep connection to the sea. The Union Jack highlights the enduring relationship with the Commonwealth and the protection it provides. The stars on the flag are strategically positioned in a circle, indicating harmony and the democratic way in which the islands coexist within the archipelago. This layout embodies the community spirit and shared governance of the islands.