National Flag of Japan

Country: Japan

Proportions: 2:3

Japanese Flag Description:
The flag of Japan consists of a white background with a red circle in the middle.

Japanese Flag Meaning:
The circle in the middle of the flag represents the sun. Japan's name translates to "The land of the rising sun." The white represents honesty and purity and the red disc is a sun symbol meaning brightness, sincerity and warmth.

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Japanese Flag History:
The current Japanese flag was adopted on August 13, 1999. The symbol in the flag is the state emblem and has been the symbol of Japan for centuries. The Japanese flag initially became the country's national flag in 1868. The Japanese flag was modified slightly by new legislation in 1999. Legend says its origins lie in the days of Mongol invasions of Japan in the 13th century, when a Buddhist priest offered the sun disc flag to the Emperor of Japan, who was considered a descendant of the sun goddess Amaterasu.

Interesting Japanese Flag Facts:
The national flag of Japan is known as the 'Nisshohki' or 'Hinomaru' which means 'sun disc' in Japanese.

The sun disc symbol is known to have been displayed on folding fans used by samurai in the 12th century.

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