National Flag of Djibouti

Country: Republic of Djibouti

Proportions: 2:3

Djibouti Flag Description:
The Djibouti flag consists of two equal sized horizontal stripes of blue on the top and green on the bottom of the flag. There is a white horizontal isosceles triangle on the left of the Djibouti flag which points to the middle. In the center of the triangle there is a red five-pointed star.

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Djibouti Flag Meaning:
The white triangle stands for peace. The blue stripe represents the sea and sky and the green stripe symbolizes earth. The red star stands for unity.

Djibouti Flag History:
The Djibouti flag was adopted on June 27, 1977, the same day the country gained independence from France.

Interesting Djibouti Flag Facts:
The national flag of Djibouti was designed by Mr. Mahamoud Harbi, an independentist leader. The country's national emblem was designed by Mr. Hassan Robleh, an artist.

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