National Flag of Saint Helena

Country: Saint Helena and Dependencies

Proportions: 1:2

Saint Helena Flag Description:
The flag of Saint Helena consists of a dark blue base with the British Union Jack flag in the top left quarter. Centered on the right hand side of the flag is the country's badge of 1939, which consists of a three-mast ship sailing near the base of steep rocky cliffs.

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Saint Helena Flag Meaning:
The British Union Jack symbolizes the island's ties to Britain, as Saint Helena is an Overseas Dependency of Britain.

Saint Helena Flag History:
The Saint Helena flag was adopted on October 4, 1984. The flag used from 1939 to 1984 was similar to this one but now a bird has been added above the badge. The badge for St Helena was derived in 1874 from the Public Seal of the colony.

Interesting Saint Helena Flag Facts:
Between 1815 and 1821 Saint Helena Island was a place of exile for the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was sent there by his captors, the British. The French flag has also been flying over St. Helena, at Longwood, where Napoleon died on May 5, 1821. The spot where Napoleon died has been allocated to France by Britain.

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