Welcome Flags

"Welcome, Bienvenue and Willkommen" from Carousel, the Broadway hit, implies you can never be over welcoming…so, why not show your pizzazz and fly a welcome flag. Many people place welcome flags in their front gardens or porches to show they are friendly and to obviously welcome visitors. An example of this is a flag with a pineapple on it, as it is a symbol of friendship.

There are flags, to represent the opposite: an "unwelcome flag," a Jolly Roger flag, or any other flag with a threatening gesture on it is usually placed on somebody's property to discourage visitors and intruders.

Most welcome flags are easily recognized as the word welcome is written on it along with a design of some type. They can also be bought with your nation's colors on them to show you are both friendly and patriotic. Welcome flags look great when you have an inviting welcome mat to thematically describe your front entranceway.

There are also seasonal welcome flags available with various designs on them such as log cabins, birdhouses, and snowmen etc. If you own a business you can also fly an open or closed flag. Flags are also available that convey various other messages on them.

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