Valentines Day Flags

Valentines Day flags are a way to show your true romantic side. Since the Middle Ages many people throughout the world have celebrated Valentines Day every February 14th as a way to celebrate their love for the special person in their life.

Nobody is quite sure who this Valentine-character was, but there are a few who have made the claim that he was the true romantic. Modernly, the day is used to exchange cards and gifts such as chocolate, flowers and jewelry. Many lovers also get engaged or married on Valentines Day.

Historically, there are many legends dealing with Valentine and one of them states while he was imprisoned he cured the jailer's daughter from blindness. Another story has him falling in love with her and sending her a note signed "from your Valentine."

The most likely origin of Valentine's Day is probably traced back to a Roman feast which celebrated the God of Fertility, Lupercus. During the event women would put their names into a box and men would draw the names out. The man and woman would then be romantically paired until the next year.

The art of sending love letters is thought to have come years later, in 1415, when Charles Duc d' Orleans was imprisoned in the Tower of London and reportedly wrote romantic letters and poems to his wife. The writing of notes and poems gradually gained popularity and, in 1840, the Valentines Day card was introduced and is now a worldwide tradition.

Feb. 14th was also thought to be the first day of the mating season for birds. There are many Valentine's day flags designed for this day of love like: heart flags, Cupid flags, rose flags, balloon flags, bow and arrow flags and even broken heart flags. Valentines Day flags flags can be flown at home during parties, at restaurants or in the dining room for a private romantic dinner and of course let's not forget the bedroom.

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