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US Navy Flag Description:
The US Navy flag consists of a dark blue base with the Navy seal in the center. The words United States Navy are written in dark blue on a yellow scroll below the seal. The flag measures 4 feet 4 inches wide by 5 feet 6 inches in length. The Navy's official colors are blue and gold and the indoor version of the flag has a gold border around the outer edge.

US Navy Flag History:
The earliest naval flags were similar to the National flag of the US. It then featured emblems such as the rattlesnake and a pine tree on it. The first unofficial navy flag consisted of a blue base with a white diamond shaped object with a blue anchor superimposed on top of it in the center and was known as the Infantry Battalion Flag. This flag lasted for about 60 years, until 1959, as a ceremonious symbol of the Navy. It was then replaced by the current flag which was authorized by Presidential order on Apr. 24, 1959. The official Navy seal featured on the current flag was designed two years earlier in 1957.

Interesting US Navy Flag Facts:
The US Navy flag doesn't fly from ships as the national flag and other signal flags are flown instead. The flag is basically used as a ceremonial symbol and is only carried by honor guards in parades and other ceremonies.

The US Navy still uses the international nautical flags, even in this technological age of radio and satellites.

The flag is always displayed with a set of streamers commemorating the battles, campaigns and service of the US Navy, since 1775. There are currently 28 authorized streamers, plus three to recognize awards of the Presidential Unit Citation, the Navy Unit Commendation and the Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Throughout its history the US has had a navy for all but nine years.

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