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US Marine Corp Flag Description:
The US Marine Corp flag consists of a red base with an emblem of the world showing North and South America, in gold, in the center. The world is placed on the top of a gold anchor, with the top and bottom of the anchor being visible. Sitting on top of the globe is a gold eagle. Below the world the words United States Marine Corps are written in scarlet on a white or grey scroll, which is outlined in gold.

US Marine Corp Flag Meaning:
The Marine emblem of the eagle, globe and anchor represents distant service under the American eagle by air, land and sea, representing America's interests "in every clime and place." The symbol was adopted in 1868.

US Marine Corp Flag History:
The current version of the flag was adopted on Jan. 18, 1939. The flag has been revised many times since it originated in 1776. There is little information regarding the first flags used by the Marines, but the first Marine Corp flag was believed to have been carried ashore by Captain Samuel Nicholas, on New Providence Island, on March 3rd, 1776. The Marines were established on Nov. 10, 1775 by the Continental Congress to be the landing force accompanying the fleet. Captain Nicholas is credited with being the first commander of the Marines. The marines and their flag were disbanded after the American Revolutionary War. In 1783, the US was in serious debt and was forced to sell its ships. Since the Marine Corp was a landing force for the navy they became obsolete. On June 11, 1798 the Corp was reinstated and its new flag featured an eagle and an anchor. In 1876 the flag used was the same as the National flag with US Marine Corps embroidered in yellow on the middle red stripe. The first flag to feature the globe, eagle and anchor originated in 1914, along with the motto 'Semper Fidelis' meaning 'Always Faithful'. The flag was flown in battles such as the quasi-war with France, in 1798, and when the Marines fought the Barbary pirates on the shores of Tripoli. It was also prominent during the War of 1812 and the Mexican War.

Interesting US Marine Corp Flag Facts:
As with most US military flags the Marine Corps flag comes in two versions; one for indoor/parade use and one for outdoor use. The flags are similar, but the indoor flag has a gold border around its edges.

The Marine Corps is a part of the Department of the Navy, therefore it isn't a part of the United States Navy, however they work closely together.

The Marine Corps, like other US military divisions, often places streamers on its flags representing the battle history of the Corps.

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