Sports Flags

Sports flags, in some form or another, have been used in sports for years. Sports flags are mainly used by officials to signify to the fans, players and other officials of a breach of rules. Sports flags are used to communicate with drivers during motor sports or sailors during water sports.

Sports flags include:

  • Car racing flags
  • Snowmobile flags
  • Go-kart flags
  • Motorcycle racing flags
  • Cycling flags
  • Yachting flags
  • Rowing flags
  • Soccer flags
  • Rugby flags
  • Football flags

Soccer flags, rugby flags and football flags are carried by the linesmen or assistant referees and are used to let the referee know of a rule infraction. Fans also fly flags and banners at sporting events to show their support to their favorite team. Many flags have the teams colors or logos on it and some may even have an image of their favorite player.

Many sporting organizations and teams throughout the world also have sport flags to represent themselves; some of these are: the Special Olympics flags, FIFA flags, Goodwill Games flags, Commonwealth Games flags, The International Olympic committee flags etc.

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