Seasonal Flags

Many people have garden flags which they change with the coming of every season. Many people use their seasonal flag flying year-off in the spring by flying a colorful flower flag or a bird flag or a spring-like scene.

When the summer comes around the seasonal flags can be changed to deeper colors, such as reds and blues, or they can be dog flags or cat flags on them or in many cases they will be patriotic in flavor as it's time to celebrate Flag Day or the Fourth of July.

When fall arrives the seasonal flags are often changed to ones which represent the earth tones of the season. Flag colors such as brown, gold and orange may represent the changing and falling leaves. The emblems may also be Halloween flags or Thanksgiving flags since they are also celebrated in fall. The flags are usually changed to colors of white, red and green for the winter as they are traditional Christmas colors. Christmas flags have symbols which are also often such things as snowmen, reindeer, Santa Claus or religious flags such as nativity scenes etc. The best seasonal flags to use to celebrate the seasons are made of nylon and they are weatherproof, light and durable, and wave easily in the breeze. Cotton seasonal flags look nice, but they aren't waterproof. They absorb a lot of water and will eventually tear away from the flag pole. Nylon doesn't hold water - it repels it, making nylon seasonal flags a better choice.

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