Religious Flags

Most national flags throughout the world represent some sort of religious connotations as most countries mix some type of religion and patriotism in their flags. Americans pledge allegiance to their flag, which invokes the name of God.

Some religions have flags of their own which represent their beliefs to its followers. For example:

  • Roman flags were the religion of the army and in army camps the religious flags were erected on altars.
  • The British Union Jack shows its religious significance as it consists of the crosses of three saints.
  • The flag of Israel seems to function as a sort of "Jewish Flag" around the world and many synagogues worldwide fly it alongside their national Israel flag.
  • The Buddhist flag was flown for the first time in Sri Lanka in 1885, after being designed five years earlier by an American journalist. The colorful flag is a symbol of peace, faith and harmony. The flag is an emblem of the Buddhist movement and is flown on Buddhist buildings and at celebrations throughout the world.

There are also flags representing Christianity in all it's denominations. There are Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints flags (Mormons), Hindu flags, Islam flags, Jainism flags, Nihilism flagsand the Sikh flags. Many of the flags have religious emblems on them and it's interesting to note that many religious flags have used the Swastika as an emblem, but with a totally different meaning than the German Nazi flag had.

Many saints have flags devoted to them and a lot of these are incorporated into some of the world's national flags, such as the St. George cross in England's flag. Some colors also have religious overtones such as the Muslim faith being represented by green and green is seen in many national flags of Muslim countries.

Flags have been associated with religion for centuries and the bible even mentions flags and banners in it. Some lesser known, or popular, followings also fly flags to represent and show pride in their beliefs and customs. There is a voodoo flag recognized in some parts of the world which is flown by people who follow the voodoo faith, which originated in West Africa. There are also flags representing Satanism and Atheism.

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