New Year's Flag

New Year's flags has it's roots steeped in history. New Year's Eve has traditionally been a time to celebrate with family and friends. In modern times, New Year's Eve usually involves fun, festivities, music, dancing, eating, drinking and party favors such as hats, streamers, noisemakers, fireworks and banners. You can add flags to the party list as many people are flying New Year's flags at their party's or in their gardens and yards as another way to celebrate the coming of a new year.

New Year has historically been celebrated for centuries and is considered to be the oldest of all holidays, being celebrated about 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon. However, it hasn't always fallen on January 1st.

Years ago it was often tied into some significant astronomical or agricultural event. It is believed the Romans were the first to celebrate it on the first of January around 153 BC because it was actually for political reasons as newly elected officials would assume their positions on this date.

It is rumored that Julius Caesar wanted to change the date of the event in 45 BC, but January 1st of that year fell on a new moon and it was considered bad luck to change it then. However, Caesar did change the calendar system from the Egyptian solar calendar to the "Julian" calendar. Up until 1582AD Christian Europe continued to celebrate the New Year on March 25.

Pope Gregory XIII then reformed the calendar to the Gregorian version we use today. Early American settlers adopted the New Year traditions from their homelands and Native Americans also had their own celebration customs. The New Year was always considered a time to wipe out past events, so there could be a rejuvenation for the upcoming year.

In modern times, most of the flags are party oriented and feature Happy New Year or the date of the New Year. Some New Year's flags are more patriotic in nature and feature versions of the national flag with the date of the year printed on it. Most of the flags are very durable and if they don't state the year on them they can be used for at least two or three years. They come in various sizes and colors and of course you can usually order a custom flag of your own design. With America being such a culturally mixed society there are also New Year flags available for people who celebrate the New Year on dates other than January 1st.

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