Garden Flags

Any flag that is used to add color to or to decorate your yard can be considered a garden flag. A garden flag is a great way to express yourself and can be used to celebrate holidays, seasons or anything meaningful to you.

A patriotic flag can also be flown in the garden. During World War II many Americans grew their own produce so the vegetables grown by the farmers could be sent to the troops overseas. Many people who did this flew the American flag to show they were chipping in to help the war effort. If you decide to fly a national flag in your garden be sure to learn the proper etiquette of flying the flag first.

Early in the growing season, most gardens can be pretty dull, so flags can be flown to add some color and incentive. An example of this would be a flag with a red tomato on it to show what the green ones growing in the yard will look like when ripe. The colors of flags are also used to attract birds to a flower garden or to shoo unwanted animals from a seed garden. Bird flags such as cardinal flags or hummingbird flags are popular in flower gardens.

You can also design your own custom garden flag by choosing what you would like for an emblem or make your own garden flag by painting or drawing on a piece of fabric. Let your imagination run wild. The flags colors will add to the beauty of the garden and show people you have made an effort to spice it up a little.

Remember your garden flag is for outdoor use, so it will need to be a durable and waterproof flag. Some people change their flags as the seasons change to symbolize the changing weather and climate. A Christmas flag or winter themed flag is a good idea to fly in your garden as it may be snow covered, for months, in areas with harsher climates.

Garden flags are also common in communities that rely on tourism to drive their economies and they can be regularly seen in public gardens in cities or hanging from lamp posts in small towns. Flags are cheaper than hanging baskets in the long run.

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