Flower Flags

One way to brighten or liven up the garden is to fly a flower flag. You can also fly state flower flags or provincial flower flags if you'd like to show patriotism in your home state. National patriot flower flags are also common, which feature the country's flag together with flowers in a garden setting. For example: the Welsh national flower is the daffodil and you can have a Welsh flag with daffodils.

As with any other flag, if you can't find the design you are looking for you can have a custom flag made for you. Custom flower flags are a great idea since you can use to compliment your existing garden plants. The English garden rose flag always compliments an English country garden style and a bamboo flag compliments the Asian style gardens. A sensory garden with the four senses present will promote the sounds of the flag as it flaps in the wind from the flag pole. There are rose flags, lily flags, sunflower flags, pansy flags, magnolia flags, hibiscus flags and tulip flags etc. There are also flags with plants on them and flags that depict various colorful garden and wildlife scenes with flowers on them.

Sometimes indoor flower flags are used when there is 4-feet of snow outside it feels as though there is warmth and beauty inside your home. Indoor flower flags are great for sunrooms and for livening up your children's room. Sometimes flower flags are pinned to the ceiling overtop a bed so the child can envision walking through a garden and inturn get a restful sleep.

Flower flags are also suitable for people who may live in the city, and don't have a garden of their own, or for people who live in apartments or condominiums since they can be flown in flower boxes.

When buying a flower themed flag make sure it is strongly made and durable enough to handle the harsh outdoor weather.

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