Cat & Dog Flags

It's becoming popular these days for people to fly flags or banners of their favorite dogs or cats or even their own pet. A dog/cat flag can mean different things to different people. It can be a reproduction of your favorite breed or pet or it could be a military flag which featured a dog, such as the bulldog flag that the confederate army used in battle years ago.

There is a flag for just about every species of dogs and cats, which you can fly or wave in your home or garden to show your love for it. Many people who have lost their beloved pets often bury them in the back yard; a custom flag with the pet's likeness would be a suitable way to mark the grave and to remember the pet with love. A dog flag or cat pennant is also an excellent way to show your support for your favorite breed. It shows people that you are an animal lover and it could be a good way to start a conversation with a stranger with similar interests.

Whatever reason you may have to fly a dog flag or cat flag it shows your love and devotion for your favorite animal. It's also possible to buy other animals flags, wildlife flags, with dolphin flags and bird flags being popular. Most of the flags for sale are done in bright watercolors.

If you want a flag of your own pet you can custom design or make one yourself or have a manufacturer do it for you. If you make your own you can paint a picture of the animal or use a photo of the cutie.

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