National Flag of Niue

Country: Republic of Niue

Proportions: 1:2

Niue Flag Description:
The flag of Niue consists of a yellow background with a British Union Jack in the top left quarter. On the Union Jack there are five, five-pointed yellow stars. The largest star is in the middle of the Union Jack and lies on a blue circle. The four other stars are situated above, below, and on each side of the largest star.

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Niue Flag Meaning:
The Union Jack represents Niue's ties to Britain and New Zealand, as independence in free association with New Zealand was proclaimed in 1974. The yellow represents the sun above Nuie and the affection the country feels towards New Zealand. The four small stars on the Union Jack represent the Southern Cross constellation and New Zealand. It's the same constellation that appears on New Zealand's flag. The larger star placed on the blue circle represents the independent island of Nuie standing alone, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Niue Flag History:
The Niue flag was adopted on October 15, 1975, after the country proclaimed independence in free association with New Zealand in 1974.

Interesting Niue Flag Facts:
It's rare that a flag such as the Niue flag, which incorporates the British Union Jack, has a base of any color other than blue.

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