National Flag of Nauru

Country: Republic of Nauru

Proportions: 1:2

Nauru Flag Description:
The flag of Nauru consists of a royal blue base with a horizontal gold/yellow stripe running through the center of it. Just below the stripe, towards the left side of the Nauru flag is a 12-point, white star.

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Nauru Flag Meaning:
The Nauru flag represents the country's geographical position in the world. Nauru is represented by the star and it is just south (26 miles) of the equator (the yellow stripe) in the central Pacific Ocean (the blue base), slightly west of the international dateline (the star is off centered towards the left of the flag). The 12 points on the star symbolize Nauru's 12 original tribes.

Nauru Flag History:
The Nauru flag was adopted on January 31, 1968, after Nauru gained independence from a United Nations trusteeship territory administered jointly by Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Interesting Nauru Flag Facts:
Because the flag of Nauru is linked with the island's geographical location, it would be surprising if there was a flag change in the fore coming years.

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