National Flag of the Marshall Islands

Country: Republic of the Marshall Islands

Proportions: 10:19

Marshall Islands Flag Description:
The flag of the Marshall Islands consists of a dark blue background with two stripes extending diagonally from the lower left of the flag, to the upper right side. The top stripe is orange and the bottom one is white. In the upper left corner of the flag there is a white, 24-pointed star. The north, east, west and south points of the star are larger than the other points.

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Marshall Islands Flag Meaning:
The Marshall Islands' flag represents the country's geographical position, which is just north of the equator (the stripes) in the central north-west Pacific Ocean (the blue field), slightly west of the international dateline (the star is off center towards the left of the flag). The blue represents the Pacific Ocean. Orange is a traditional color of the Marshall Islands, symbolizing bravery and wealth. The color white represents peace and brightness. The orange and white stripes represent the two main chains of the Marshall Islands, the Ralik chain (orange) and the Ratak chain (white). The expanding width of the stripes represents growth and vitality of the country. The star represents each of the 24 municipalities of the Marshall Islands. The four longer points represent the capital city of Majuro, and the administrative districts of Kwajalein, Wotji and Jaluit. The longer points also form a cross and symbolize the Christian faith of the country.

Marshall Islands Flag History:
The Marshall Islands flag was adopted on May 1, 1979. The Marshall Islands gained independence from the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands on October 21, 1986.

Interesting Marshall Islands Flag Facts:
The President's wife, Emlain Kabua, designed the Marshall Islands flag and it was chosen from among 50 other flag designs.

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