National Flag of Liechtenstein

Country: Principality of Liechtenstein

Proportions: 3:5

Liechtenstein Flag Description:
The flag of Liechtenstein consist of two horizontal halves - the top half is blue and the bottom is red. In the upper left corner of Liechtenstein's flag there is a gold crown.

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Liechtenstein Flag Meaning:
In 1937, the head of the government, Joseph Hoop, described the meaning of Liechtenstein's flag as this: "Blue is the color of a radiant sky, red the color of the embers in the fireplace during evening gatherings; gold of the crown shows that our people, our country and our princely House are united in heart and spirit. Blue and red are the country's national colors. The gold crown, outlined in black, is the symbol of Princely authority and symbolizes the bond between Liechtenstein's prince, the state and the people."

Liechtenstein Flag History:
The current Liechtenstein flag was adopted on September 18, 1982. The Liechtenstein flag's colors are likely derived from the livery colors of Liechtenstein's royal household in the 18th century. A plain horizontally divided blue over red flag was adopted as part of a new constitution on the October 5, 1921.

The crown was added to the Liechtenstein flag in 1937, after it was discovered by Liechtenstein's team at the 1936 Olympics that the country's flag was identical to the flag of Haiti. The design of the crown was slightly modified in 1982. Liechtenstein was created in 1719 and became an independent principality in 1866.

Interesting Liechtenstein Flag Facts:
Previous to the blue and red flag in 1921, Liechtenstein had a yellow over red colored flag.

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