Flag Poles

After you have taken the time to choose, make or design your favorite flag to fly, you should also take as much care in choosing a flag pole. There are flag poles made of wood, metal and fiberglass and while they may not be the most economical or lightest poles, many people consider wood flag poles to be the finest.

A wooden flag pole looks the best as there are many hardwoods to choose from and they usually come polished and lacquered to give them a classy look and feel. Wood poles look good with any building siding such as brick, wood, vinyl or aluminum and it lets people know you have taken the effort to fly your flag on the best looking flag pole available. You usually get what you pay for and when buying a cheaper flag you usually get a cheaper aluminum flag pole with it. However, these poles often bend or break in a strong wind, whereas a wooden pole can absorb and survive harsh weather.

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Aluminum poles are economical, but they do have some other downfalls as they may also rust or corrode to spoil the appearance of your flag and if they come coated with a thin layer of paint the paint will usually fade or peel after a period of time. You can get satin covered aluminum flag poles and they come in a few different colors.

If you are decorating your home or yard with a flag that is highly visible to the public it's a good idea not to skimp on any of the details, especially the flag pole. Fiberglass may be as strong and durable as wood, but it just doesn't look as good or make the same statement as a solid hardwood flag pole. Most governmental flag poles have decorative ornaments at the head of it, such as round brass balls, called finials.

Flag poles come in various lengths and widths with the most common ones between 3 meters or 22 meters in height or length. Some poles have external flag rope systems, while others have internal flag rope systems. Flags that are flown from the sides of buildings are usually inserted into poles that are about 6-8 feet in length and are on a 45 degree angle. There are also indoor flagpoles and parade flagpoles available along with roof top flag poles and nautical flagpoles.

Make sure you get all of the accessories needed with your flagpole kit to install the pole and fly your flag.

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