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Years ago it was frowned upon if you wore any type of clothing that featured a national flag as it was considered to be against flag etiquette. Times have changed and people's attitudes are a little more relaxed and it's not uncommon to see somebody dressed in an article of clothing made of a flag design.

You can even find comic book super heroes such as Wonder Woman dressed up in the stars and stripes of the American flag. In ancient times warriors painted their faces before heading into battle, often with the design of their country's flag. Face painting is now common at soccer games throughout the world and Scottish kilts were often versions of a clan's flag. Flags worn as patches on clothes are common in the military throughout the world. The attitude regarding flags as clothes has always been more liberal in Britain.

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Wearing flag clothing became popular in the mid 60's with rock musicians. Pete Townsend of The Who wore a flag jacket that was made of the British Union Jack flag, and Mick Jagger immortalizing it in the Rolling Stones song "Get off of my cloud." The trend was also popular in countries such as Jamaica with musicians such as Bob Marley and the Wailers wearing brightly colored knit caps and other clothing resembling the Jamaican flag. The flag clothing tradition continues today in the Austin Powers movies starring Mike Myers and with the Spice Girls wearing Union Jack miniskirts. It's also popular for sports teams and fans to wear their nation's colors to show their support and pride. You can get almost any article of clothing such as flag underwear, flag socks, flag shirts, flag shorts, flag pants, flag sweaters, flag ties, flag skirts, flag jackets, flag flip flops and flag hats. You can also buy flag inspired items in some countries such as flag beach towels, flag aprons, flag purses and flag flight bags.

The practice of wearing flags as clothes is still a delicate issue in some areas though and can often cause controversy and debate. As recently as December 2004, four high school students in Florida were told they could not wear the Confederate flag on their clothing at school. The flag, which was the battle emblem of the Confederate Army in the American Civil War, has been a sticky issue in the south for decades; as some people say the flag represents slavery and racial oppression and supporters of it say it shows pride in their southern roots. In some schools the flag has been banned as it may cause racial tension or violence. So before you decide to dress up in your favorite flag clothing it's probably a good idea to check on the flag's meaning. It would be inappropriate to dress in the Nazi swastika because you like its design on your shirt.

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