Flag Bunting

Bunting is a fabric which is usually decorated with national colors. It is also the term used for the woolen cloth used in the making of flags. For the making of flags or signals, bunting is a coarse, open fabric of worsted or cotton.

Flag bunting which is draped with the national colors is the more common meaning and it is a decorative ornament made of cloth, polyester, nylon, plastic or paper which can be hung from railings, decks, doorways, windows and rooftops.

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Bunting can come in many shapes including rolls, triangles, pennants, miniature flags, small pleated fans, stick flags, towels, table skirts and even rugs. It is usually used in patriotic and festive celebrations in the form of draperies, wide streamers, banners, etc. The term bunting can also mean a vessel's flags, collectively.

Basically, bunting can be a duplication of any flag, so it doesn't necessarily have to represent a national flag. It can be made to reproduce any flag you like such as a checkered flag etc. Some bunting also comes in plain colors with no design on it. It is common to see patriotic bunting adorning porches and railings at people's houses during parties and other social events. For some patriots bunting may be seen all year round. It is also commonly used at public events celebrating holidays and at political conventions and rallies.

If you use bunting it's recommended that you don't use the paper kind as it isn't as durable as fabric. If you get a strongly made fabric or plastic bunting it should last you for a few years. The best flags to use outdoors are made of nylon as they are weatherproof, light and durable and they wave easily in the breeze. Cotton flags look nice, but they aren't waterproof as they absorb a lot of water and will eventually tear away from the pole. Nylon bunting doesn't hold water. Nylon bunting repels it, making it a better choice.

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