Flag Accessories

After you have your flag ready to fly on your pole you will need a rope (halyard) to raise and lower the flag and other accessories to hoist it with.

There are three ways to attach a flag to the rope to hoist it up a pole. You can use rope and toggle, grommets or cloth tabs on the flag to tie to the rope or pole. You will need some other accessories to fly your flag on the pole and these may include flag snaps, flag brackets, flag hooks, flag cleats, flag counterweights and flag pulleys. If you are using the flag indoors you will likely need a flag stand for the pole.

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Most rope used for flagpoles is made out of nylon as it is strong and durable. Because of its elasticity nylon can absorb shocks that may damage or fray other types of rope and nylon, it also resists abrasion and rot. You can also purchase nylon rope which has a wire core in it; this maintains the strength and flexibility of nylon and decreases its chances of abrasion or cutting. It is recommended to use a length of rope that is double the length of the flag pole to ensure proper length. Flag pole rope is usually bought in spools and it comes in various degrees of thickness. The rope is usually braided and while white is its most common color there are other colors available.

Some flag poles are built with an external rope system while some come with an internal system. Flying a flag isn't really as simple as it looks as there are many things involved with installing your flag pole, attaching the flag, hoisting it and then flying it. Make sure you get all of the information needed before trying to fly your flag for the first time. Sales people at flag shops are very knowledgeable and can help you out if asked.

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