What is the most popular color in the world's flags?
Red is the most popular color being found on approximately 75 per cent of all national flags of the world. White is present on about 70 per cent of the flags and blue is common on approximately 50 per cent of the flags.

Why are flags hoisted on the left hand side?
It is just because it's common to read from left to right, but in some Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, where reading is done from right to left, the hoist is on the right side of the flag.

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Where is the biggest flag in the world and how big is it?
The largest flag ever flown was a flag of the USA which measured 255 ft. by 505 ft. (78m by 154m). It was hoisted vertically on cables across Hoover Dam to celebrate the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay. According to Dr. William Crampton, the largest flag that constantly flies is the flag of Brazil, in Brasilia; the country's capital. This flag is 230 ft. by 328 ft. (70m by 100m).

Why do some national flags have a coat of arms on some versions of the flag but not on other versions?
Many countries with flags that display a coat of arms use that version as a state flag and they remove the coat of arms to make their civil flag, to be used by the country's citizens. Examples of this include Spain and Ecuador.

Why are the proportions of flags so different throughout the world?
There isn't a correct or universal proportion for any flag as each one is unique. There are a few trends in flag proportions based on some influential flags. Flags based on the French flag copy its proportions of 2:3, German flags are 3:5, U.S. flags are 10:19, and Russian, Commonwealth of Nations, and communist flags use 1:2.

Why do some country's flags look the same as others?
Some flags look the same out of pure coincidence and other flags are similar because of the nation's geographical location or religious beliefs. Many colonial flags, such as British Commonwealth countries are also similar to each other. Eg. Many flags of Islamic nations will use the color green to signify their religious beliefs while many British Commonwealth countries may have the British Union Jack incorporated into their national flag.

When was the first flag made?
Ancient flags were made out of materials such as wood, metal and stone. The oldest preserved textile flag is a crude Roman cloth that was found in Egypt and historians figure it dates back to the third century AD.

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