National Flag of Finland

Country: Republic of Finland

Proportions: 11:18

Finnish Flag Description:
The flag of Finland consists of a white base with a blue cross . The vertical stripe in the cross is situated to the left side of the flag; while the horizontal one is centered.

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Finnish Flag Meaning:
An old poet described Finland's colors as representing "the blue of our lakes and the white snow of our winters." The cross on the Finland flag is common in most Scandinavian flags, and symbolizes Finland's hereditary link to the other Scandinavian countries.

Finnish Flag History:
The flag was originally adopted in 1918, based on the country's coat of arms. The current Finland flag was adopted on May 26, 1978. Finland was under Russian occupation from 1899 to 1917, and the nation sought to use a flag of its own. It wasn't until Finland gained independence in 1917 that a design for an official flag gained momentum.

Interesting Finnish Flag Facts:
The Finnish flag is modeled on the design of the flag of Denmark's and Sweden's flags.

By law, the Finland flag must not be dirty or damaged, and must not be defaced or decorated. When the Finland flag is washed it must be dried indoors. The Finland flag must always be respected, and must not be buried in the ground or used for any other purpose.

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