Provincial Flag of Prince Edward Island

Province: Prince Edward Island

Proportions: 2:3

Prince Edward Island Flag Description:
The flag of Prince Edward Island consists of a golden lion on a red base in the upper third of the flag. It has three small oak trees clustered together next to one large oak tree, on a white base, in the bottom section. The flag is bordered in red and white except for the left side. The flag is a replication of the provincial coat of arms.

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Prince Edward Island Flag Meaning:
The British lion represents Prince Edward Island's links with Britain. The three small oak trees represent Princes, Queens and Kings. The three counties of Prince Edward Island and the large oak tree stand for Canada and Britain.

Prince Edward Island Flag History:
The flag was adopted on Mar. 24, 1964. Prince Edward Island joined the Confederation of Canada on July 1, 1873. The coat of arms was adopted in 1905.

Interesting Prince Edward Island Facts:
In 1799, Prince Edward Island was named after Prince Edward, the son of King George III. Prince Edward was the commander-in-chief of British North America at the time.

Prince Edward Island's official motto is : Parva Sub Ingenti - The Small Under the Protection of the Great.

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