Country: The Republic of Cuba

Proportions: 1:2

Cuban Flag Description:
The Cuban flag consists of five horizontal stripes of equal width. The top, middle and bottom stripes are blue; while the other two are white. There is a red horizontal triangle on the left side of the Cuban flag pointing toward the middle. In the middle of the triangle lies a white five-pointed star.

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Cuban Flag Meaning:
The Cuban government's official version of the meaning of the Cuban flag states that - the blue stripes refer to the three old divisions of the island; and the two white stripes represent the strength of the independent ideal. The red triangle symbolizes equality, fraternity and freedom, as well as the blood shed in the island's struggle for independence. Finally, the white star symbolizes the absolute freedom among the Cuban people.

Cuban Flag History:
The Cuban flag was adopted on May 20, 1902. In 1848, Narciso López, a Venezuelan general made the first serious attempt to liberate Cuba from Spanish rule. He designed 'La Estrella Solitaria' -'The Lone Star'-banner, which is Cuba's present flag. In 1902 Cuba became an independent republic and López's flag was adopted as the official flag. The three blue stripes are the symbols of Cuba's original three provinces. This original Cuban flag has been used ever since; even after Fidel Castro seized the country after the Communist revolution in 1959.

Interesting Cuban Flag Facts:
In the mid 1800's many people wanted to liberate Cuba from Spain, and unite the island with the United States of America. This could be the reason why the Cuban flag's colors are red, white and blue, with stripes and a star.

After the United States seized Cuba from Spain during the Spanish-American War, the American Stars and Stripes flag flew from Jan. 1, 1899 until May 20, 1902.

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