National Flag of Costa Rica

Country: The Republic of Costa Rica

Proportions: 3:5

Costa Rican Flag Description:
The Costa Rican flag consists of five horizontal stripes. The top and bottom stripe are blue, the middle stripe is red and the stripes above and below the red stripe are white. The red stripe is double the size of the blue and white stripes.

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Costa Rican Flag Meaning:
The colors of the Costa Rican flag represent different aspects of Costa Rica: The color blue represents the sky, opportunities at reach, intellectual thinking, perseverance, infinite, eternity, and ideals of the religious and spiritual desires; the color white symbolizes clear thinking, happiness, wisdom, power and beauty of the sky, initiative to search for new endeavors, and peace; and the color red represents the warmth of the Costa Rican people, their love of life, their blood shed for freedom, and their generosity.

Costa Rican Flag History:
The Costa Rican flag was adopted on November 27, 1906. Costa Rica's First Lady, Paci'fica Ferna'ndez Oreamuno, designed the flag in 1848. It was designed after the ideals of the French Revolution - freedom, equality, and brotherhood - and the colors of the French National Flag.

Interesting Costa Rican Flag Facts:
The law in Costa Rica forbids citizens from flying any Costa Rican flags other than on national holidays, but this law isn't strictly enforced.

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