Banners & Pennants

Banners or pennants can come in any size or shape, but the most common ones come in a long thin triangular shape. Like flags, banners and pennants can be made in many designs and they are basically miniature versions of flags which usually aren't flown on regular sized flag poles.

Banners & pennants are often hung from a rope or string which may stretch across a room, or may be stuck on a wall or flown on a stick or small pole. Banners and pennants are most commonly used by people in holiday celebrations, parties, sporting events, school events and political rallies.

Bigger banners of different shapes are also used for decorative purposes. Smaller banners are often used for commercial purposes as advertising tools by companies; as they may fly banners promoting their upcoming sales or to convey other messages or slogans to their clients and shoppers. When doing this, companies will usually add their logo to the banner/pennant.

In sports, championship teams often fly their winning pennants from the roofs of their arenas to signify the championships the team has won throughout its history. The banners are left hanging for the teams and fans to see year after year, perhaps inspiring them to win another. Fans often wave small pennants at these sporting events to cheer on and support their favorite team and many people have taken to attaching them to the antennas of their cars.

Banners and pennants are also common at many other events where there is a mass gathering of people who all support a common thing; making banners & pennants a symbol of unity and solidarity and giving all those in attendance a sense of belonging to something important.

Banners/Pennants are usually made of cloth, polyester, plastic or vinyl and are inexpensive to buy and are often handed out for free at major events. Banners/pennants are a good and inexpensive way to promote ideas and spread messages to the masses.
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