National Flag of Bulgaria

Country: Republic of Bulgaria

Proportions: 3:5

Bulgarian Flag Description: The Bulgarian flag consists of three equal horizontal stripes - the top stripe is white; the middle is green; and the bottom stripe is red.

Bulgarian Flag Meaning:
The white and red colors of the Bulgarian flag originate from the flag of Russia used during the Russo-Turkish War of 1878. The green stripe replaced a blue stripe because Bulgaria was developed as an agricultural country after its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878.

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Bulgarian Flag History:
The Bulgarian flag was adopted on April 16, 1879. Green, white and red colors were used in flags by Bulgarian Legia, a revolutionary organization founded in Serbia in 1861 to1862. The first white-green-red striped flag was made in 1877.

Interesting Bulgarian Flag Facts:
The former Bulgarian coat of arms, formerly on the left side of the white stripe, was removed after 1989.

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