National Flag of Belgium

Country: Belgium

Proportions: 13:15

Belgian Flag Description: The Belgian flag consists of three equal sized vertical stripes - the left stripe is black, the middle one is yellow and the right stripe is red.

Belgian Flag Meaning:
The colors of the Belgian flag are based on the coat of arms of the province of Brabant. The vertical stripe design was based on the design of France's flag.

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Belgian Flag History:

The present day Belgian flag was adopted on Jan. 23, 1831 after Belgium gained independence from the Netherlands in 1830. During a revolution in 1789 the Belgian flag appeared with the same colors, but was designed with the stripes running horizontal.

Interesting Belgian Flag Facts:
If anybody shows public disrespect for the Belgian flag, by stepping on it, tearing it or burning it etc., they could be imprisoned for a period ranging from eight days up to one year - plus a fine.

The official proportions of the Belgian flag are 13:15, referring to the relationship of the width (height) to length. This makes the official Belgian flag virtually square in shape.

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