National Flag of Antigua & Barbuda Flag

Country: Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Flag and Barbuda Flag Description:
The Antigua and Barbuda flag is designed on a red base with an upside down pyramid shaped emblem in the middle. The bottom third of the pyramid is white, the middle blue and the top is black. Sitting in the bottom of the black area is a half of a 16-pointed yellow star/sun symbol.

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Antigua Flag and Barbuda Flag Meaning:
In the Antigua and Barbuda flag the star/sun combination represents the dawning of a new era. The red represents the energy of the people and the blue symbolizes hope. The African ancestry of the people is represented by the black. The sun, sand and sea are represented by the flag's combination of yellow blue and white.

Antigua Flag and Barbuda Flag History:
The current flag was adopted on February 27, 1967 after it became a self governing country. Antigua and Barbuda gained independence from Britain in 1981. Antigua and Barbuda had been a British colony since 1632.

Interesting Antigua Flag and Barbuda Flag Facts:
The current flag was designed by a high school art teacher in Antigua and Barbuda.

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