National Flag of Anguilla

Country: Anguilla

Anguilla Flag Description:
The Anguillan flag is designed in blue with a British Union Jack flag in the top left corner and a shield on the right side, displaying three orange dolphins on a white background with a turquoise-blue base.

Anguilla Flag Meaning:
The Union Jack symbolizes Anguilla's affiliation with Britain and the three dolphins represent wisdom, strength and friendship.

Anguilla Flag History:
The current Anguilla flag was adopted May 30, 1990. Anguilla was first colonized by English settlers in 1650. This is the country's fifth flag since 1957.

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Interesting Anguilla Flag Facts:
The current Anguilla flag incorporates an older version of the country's flag which consisted of the three dolphins.

Sketches of this flag were sent to England to be approved by the Queen.

This flag is the "unofficial" National flag of Anguilla, which is used for decorative and distinguishing purposes inside and outside the country. The official state flag of Anguilla is the British Union Jack.

Anguilla's coat of arms has a bottom stripe of light turquoise-blue. The stripe in the flag is light blue because the Government of Anguilla couldn't afford flags with the correct shade of bluish-green since it would have cost more to produce. A light blue was used by the flag manufacturer to keep the cost of the flags down.

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